Several advantages of improved grinding of abrasive belt machine

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Several advantages of improved grinding of abrasive belt machine

Flat glass flat pull unit. The finish of the steering roller and the flat drawing roller at the forming part is directly related to the quality of the finished glass product. For the flat drawing roller and steering roller that have been replaced for a period of time, the abrasive belt shall be ground, and then the appropriate grinding head shall be used for grinding to achieve the required quality requirements. Although the introduction of the abrasive belt machine effect is good, but the cost is higher. Therefore, some manufacturers use imitation belt machine, but due to the influence of manufacturing precision and material, the transmission gear meshing is not good, easy to card teeth, causing vibration. Thus affecting the grinding quality. In addition, for rollers with serious oxidation, grinding a piece of abrasive belt can cost as little as a dozen or as many as dozens, thus increasing the maintenance cost. Therefore, we have greatly improved the original belt machine.

The advantages of the improved belt machine

Although the bevel gear transmission has high efficiency and is easy to ensure a fixed transmission ratio, it is prone to noise and vibration due to its rigid coordination transmission, complex structure and heavy weight. The V-belt drive structure is simple, which reduces the motor power and saves electricity. The weight and volume of the whole machine are reduced, which is easy to install, disassemble and arrange.

The original abrasive belt machine selects the adhesive ring resin abrasive cloth belt as the grinding tool, and uses the tensioning device to ensure the regular working contact between the abrasive belt and the roller. Due to the limitation of the relative position between the machine tool, the grinding roller and the abrasive belt machine, the wrap angle of the abrasive belt to the grinding roller cannot be too large. In addition, due to the grinding of a roller often need to change a few, more than a dozen abrasive cloth belt, the adjustment time is longer, affecting the grinding speed. The improved abrasive belt machine adopts abrasive cloth roller as grinding tool. The abrasive cloth roller is to connect the full resin abrasive cloth belt cut into long square sheets to the outer circumference of the circular clamping plate to form a shape similar to that of a grinding wheel for metal grinding. When working, first start the roller machine and the belt grinder, shake the feed handle, and gradually grind the roller. The contact degree and grinding amount between the grinding wheel and the grinding roller can be appropriately adjusted according to the wear of the roller and the oxidation degree of the grinding roller surface. Using this kind of modified grinding roller equipment, it is more superior to the roller with large bending and serious oxidation.