Sanding table

ZY-SF300-5 Self excited spray wet grinding table

No pump self-excited spray, easy maintenance, saving energy consumption. Design mechanical separation of water and gas, safe and reliable. Ensure dust removal effect. The whole machine is certified by the National Explosion-proof Supervision Center. Certificate No.: CQCEX18.0027X Products through the China environmental mark type certification, certificate number: CEC-EL(II)-665-2018-1 Suitable for hardware products, metal die-casting, steam grinding lighting, grinding the dust generated.

Integrated environment-friendly grinding table (2.2KW)

Applicable to all kinds of die casting burr grinding

ZY-SF300-5 Self-stimulated spray wetpolishingtable (2.2KW)

Length * width * height: 1410*1660*2600mm
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