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Abrasive belt polishing machine wide applicability

Almost all industries that require surface treatment require a belt polisher. Such as wood, furniture industry such as flat wood, furniture metal handle and other workpieces sanding wire drawing; Hardware (metal) materials and products aluminum profiles and their products


How to judge the polishing quality of abrasive belt polishing machine

There are many types and types of abrasive belt polishing machines, but no matter what kind of abrasive belt polishing machine, as consumers or users, we only care about our vital interests. One is whether the abrasive belt polishing machine is convenient to use, and the other is whether the effect of the abrasive belt polishing machine is good or not.


Abrasive belt polishing machine industry now existing problems

After several years of rapid development, the abrasive belt polishing machine industry has now entered a stable period.


The difference between abrasive belt polishing machine and stainless steel wire drawing machine

Abrasive belt polishing machine and stainless steel wire drawing machine have the same effect in some aspects. But their own use difference is still very big, the following to explore the characteristics between the sand belt machine and the drawing machine.


The use and advantage analysis of small abrasive belt machine

Abrasive belt belongs to flexible abrasive. Polishing is more flexible and safer than solid abrasives, and has higher precision. Therefore, abrasive belt grinding is a composite processing technology with multiple functions of grinding, grinding, grinding and polishing. The abrasive particles on the abrasive belt have better cutting ability than the abrasive particles on the grinding wheel. Therefore, the efficiency of abrasive belt grinding is very high and the grinding speed is stable.


Six major operating specifications of the belt machine

The unit body can rotate around its abrasive belt axis, which is convenient for the abrasive belt machine to be located in a comfortable operating position and can reduce the fatigue of the operator working for a long time.


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