Abrasive belt polishing machine wide applicability

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Abrasive belt polishing machine wide applicability

Abrasive belt polishing machine is suitable for the following industries:
Almost all industries that require surface treatment require a belt polisher. Such as wood, furniture industry such as flat wood, furniture metal handle and other workpiece sanding wire drawing; hardware (metal) materials and products aluminum profiles and their products, stainless steel products and utensils, copper profiles and products, plumbing and sanitary ware equipment, locks, lighting products, signs and nameplates, hardware craft accessories, knives and scissors, door hinges, automobile and bicycle spare parts, tableware, buckle products, buttons, belt buckles, mobile phone shells, watch industry and other workpieces sanding wire drawing; electronic parts, electronic equipment such as electronic parts, flat sanding wire drawing, etc. Hardware factory, electronics factory, hardware plastic factory, hardware furniture factory, handicraft factory, decorative hardware factory, building hardware factory, polishing factory, oxidation factory, electroplating factory, metal products factory, aluminum products factory, copper products factory, petrochemical industry and so on.

Abrasive belt polishing machine has the characteristics:
Why is the adaptability of abrasive belt polishing machine widely? Because it has many characteristics.

1) Abrasive belt polishing is a kind of elastic grinding, which is a kind of composite processing technology with grinding, grinding and polishing.
2) The abrasive belt polishing workpiece surface quality is high. This is not only because of its multiple effects of grinding, grinding and polishing, but also because:
A. relative grinding wheel grinding, abrasive belt polishing is called "cold grinding", that is, the grinding temperature is low, the surface of the workpiece is not easy to burn and other phenomena.
B. abrasive belt polishing machine vibration is small and good stability.
C. The grinding speed is stable, and the belt driving wheel will not be the same as the grinding wheel. The smaller the diameter, the slower the speed.
4) The abrasive belt polishing machine has high precision. Due to the improvement of the production quality of abrasive belt and the production level of abrasive belt grinding machine, abrasive belt polishing has already entered the ranks of precision and ultra-precision processing, and the accuracy has reached less than 0.1mm.
5) abrasive belt polishing cost is low. This is mainly manifested in:
A. The abrasive belt polishing machine is simple. Compared with the grinding wheel grinding machine, abrasive belt grinding machine is much simpler, this is mainly because the weight of the belt is light, the grinding force is small, the grinding process vibration is small, the rigidity and strength requirements of the machine tool are far lower than the grinding wheel grinding machine.
B. The abrasive belt polishing machine is easy to operate and has less auxiliary time. Whether it is manual or motorized abrasive belt polishing, its operation is very simple. From the replacement of the adjustment belt to the clamping of the processed workpiece, all this can be done in a short time.
C. The abrasive belt polishing ratio is large, the machine tool power utilization rate is high, and the cutting efficiency is high. polishing machine
This results in reduced tool and energy costs for removing an equivalent weight or volume of material, and in a shorter occupation time.
6) The abrasive belt polishing machine is very safe, has low noise and dust, is easy to control, and has good environmental benefits.
7) abrasive belt polishing process flexibility, adaptability. This manifests itself in:
A. abrasive belt polishing can be easily used for grinding plane, inner and outer circles and complex curved surfaces. The design of a belt grinding head device as a functional component can be installed on the lathe into the car after grinding, can also be installed on the planer to use, but also can be designed into a variety of special grinding machine. The use of this feature of abrasive belt polishing can easily solve some difficult to process parts, such as ultra-long, oversized shafts and precision machining of flat parts.
B. abrasive base material, abrasive, binder have a large range of choice, can adapt to the needs of various uses. The grain size, length and width of the abrasive belt also have various specifications, and there are roll, ring and other forms to choose from.
For the same kind of workpiece, abrasive belt polishing can be processed by various grinding methods and process structures.

The superior grinding performance and flexible process characteristics of the abrasive belt determine that it has an extremely wide range of applications, from daily life to all walks of life in industrial production, abrasive belt grinding in almost all fields. Its application forms are diverse and its wide range is unmatched by any other processing method. Its application forms are diverse and its wide range is unmatched by any other processing method. Specific performance in:
A. abrasive belt polishing can grind almost all engineering materials. In addition to the grinding wheel grinding can be processed materials, it can also be processed such as copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and wood, leather, plastic and other non-metallic soft materials. In particular, the "cold" grinding effect of abrasive belt polishing makes it more unique when processing heat-resistant and difficult-to-grind materials.
B. abrasive belt polishing can process various shapes of workpieces with high surface quality and precision requirements. Abrasive belt polishing can not only process common plane, inner and outer surface workpieces, but also process large or special-shaped parts with high surface quality and precision requirements.
C. abrasive belt polishing machine in various forms, a wide variety. It can be carried out on a variety of general-purpose abrasive belt polishing equipment. General-purpose abrasive belt polishing equipment includes portable abrasive belt polishing machine, * abrasive belt polishing machine and desktop abrasive belt polishing machine. Large ones include external abrasive belt grinding machine, flat abrasive belt grinding machine, centerless abrasive belt grinding machine and internal abrasive belt grinding machine, etc. The special belt grinding machine includes camshaft belt profile grinding machine, industrial tank belt polishing machine, automobile tire steel ring end face belt polishing machine, motorcycle oil tank belt polishing machine, special stainless steel star basin hair machine, etc.