The use and advantage analysis of small abrasive belt machine

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The use and advantage analysis of small abrasive belt machine

1, for narrow, complex, small angle, dead angle, difficult to enter the space grinding parts grinding.
2, widely used in bicycles, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy die casting products, die casting, metal parts and other products grinding. Welds and burrs of products can be removed.


Small pneumatic belt machine advantages:

Abrasive belt belongs to flexible abrasive. Polishing is more flexible and safer than solid abrasives, and has higher precision. Therefore, abrasive belt grinding is a composite processing technology with multiple functions of grinding, grinding, grinding and polishing. The abrasive particles on the abrasive belt have better cutting ability than the abrasive particles on the grinding wheel. Therefore, the efficiency of abrasive belt grinding is very high and the grinding speed is stable.

Small pneumatic belt grinding machine has already entered the ranks of precision and ultra-precision machining. It is lightweight, applicable, and more convenient and accurate to adjust the abrasive belt. The installation and disassembly of the abrasive belt are convenient and quick. After adjustment, the tightness of the abrasive belt is suitable, which improves the transmission efficiency of the abrasive belt, prolongs the service life of the abrasive belt, and correspondingly reduces the manufacturing cost., Improve processing accuracy and processing quality, and improve production efficiency.